Monday, April 18, 2011

Working In Social Offline Mode


In these days, while the social networks websites has continuously new feeds because of our friends' enormous activities. I find myself always out of concentration, even in my real social life. One of the most reasons of this, is that the one has to interrupt what he/she was doing to check his/her wall and reply on the comments., Or always spends long times in these sites without doing something useful.

,so I prefer in such situation to take a rest of this sites, see what will happen in my life different.As I think that the cost of interruption is more than the gain of entertainment, like our Arabic wisdom quote

"الباب اللىَ يجيلك منه الريح , سده و استريح"

,but I will not lie , each time I go to the URL Address to type a website ,, my fingers go to type " face... " , "twitter ..." ... I feel that my hands will eat me in order to go to these sites ... so I will not desolate myself, Lets Go .

Face,,,face ..facebook ,,face face facebookk,,,, twitter twiiterrere .. twitter .. twitter ,, yammer yammer yammer yammer facebook facebook ,, face book ,, facebook facebook yammer yammer twitter .. ...

I feel better Now :D :D ... I feel that I am crazy or even addicted ....

oh, I would not forget to tell U some quotes that I read yesterday and also in need to tell about, but It was too late decision _ From Now No face or twitter ....

- Practice make prefect.
- Hard working gives u more than what it takes.
- Egypt will be better #Jan25
- Blogging Again #Blogger #Google

,, I am feel more better now ... really try it ..

The problem now that I will not share this post ,,, what can I do now about this ?!!! :):) |( ^_^ )|


Moustafa Badawy said...

"Hard working gives u more than what it takes." I like it.

Moustafa Badawy said...

And don't worry. I'm gonna share it for you ;)