Sunday, May 26, 2013


// Elsalamo Alikom Wii Rahmat Allah Wii Barakato

Hey Everybody,

Long time ago, I took an intention to write this type of posts. Those posts would concern with any idea which solves a given problem that I faced in my life or delivers such a new treatment for our life routine.

About those types of ideas, I did not implement them yet neither talked to people who can ,so I prefer to spread the word and publish what I saw before a solution for a crisis or a problem, Hoping that someone from (present-children --> future-youth) may read those ideas in the near future and implement them to construct a complete solution for others' problems.


The important point here is to spread the idea (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Magazines ... ) in case you think that it is ( positive, good, smart, valuable )idea. And for sure If you have any note please post a comment below or send me a private message.