Monday, February 27, 2012

Importance of Summarization

Hey All,

Like any person who has to study all of his life,The Importance of Summarization takes a great role on his career,

Here I will take a deep look inside the reading summarization. "reading articles, books, magazines " and There benefits will also apply for any type of study activities.

I will list some of its benefits at first,

  • Better Understanding.
  • Find meaning in what you are reading.
  • Reduce The cost of revising or Rereading.
  • List Key Points _The points of strength and Weakness.
  • Thus, Better Evaluation of the Article, book ,....
  • Very Important In case of reading long books.
  • Read efficiently and deeply.
  • Organizing Information and Ideas.
  • Time Management In the reading process itself.

Lets start,

  • Get your paper and pencil
  • Delete unimportant information
  • Delete repeated information
  • Substitute easy terms for lists of items
  • ...
  • .........
Just Do it ...