Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trial For Reliable Love :)

// esalamo 3alikom ...

actually I can't stop laughing after seeing it ,especially as I implemented reliable Multi hop UDP in Adhoc networks for all yesterday

Image reference here

Monday, May 3, 2010

Google Code Jam 2010

// Elsalamo 3alkiom ..

Google is holding each year a competition for Algorithms that tests the ability of the programmer to solve hard problems , started from 2008. This is totally online contest , has three rounds, after a Qualification exam .. as I will describe as following:

24 hr Qualification Round: just to test that u are a Geek Programmer :D or Not ..

First Round:
.. and it is separated into three sub-Rounds , as u can enter them all if u wish, but you are required to just pass any one of them.
Second Round: Online Round 2
Third Round: Online Round 3 ,, for sure :)

This three rounds is done as filtration process as u have to pass first round to go to the second , and so on.

Each Round has its criteria and facility level as in the first u just has to pass , by solving two problems of the three problems in the sub-round*, and the top-scoring 1000 finalists from each sub-round, totaling 3000 skilled programmers, will advance to Round 2.
and about Round 2 ,3

The top 3000 participants from Online Round 1 will participate in Online Round 2.
The top 500 participants from Online Round 2 will participate in Online Round 3.

From Agile Thinking

and U can find more on the Google Code Jam Site, and more on the contest rules here