Saturday, April 30, 2011

Solution for spoolsv.exe CPU Usage


Here I present a solution that  works with me in the problem of the more that 50% usage ration that was taken by spoolsv.exe process in windows OS ( XP SP2 Edition ).

Actually I was a nightmare because it was not a virus, and It is authenticated background process for Microsoft windows.

Disabling it was not a solution for my problem

Look, If I disable it It also disables

  1. The ability of printing.
  2. Opening the browsers.
  3. In some time the Playing of Online Videos.. In general "FLV" Players.
  4. Opening most of text Editors "Notepad++, MS Office"
Or Even If you let it running..
  1. At least 50% of CPU is busy.
  2. Slow performance
  3. Disable of Hibernate and Sleeping of OS ..
  4. The device fan is Always high loaded.
  5. The device get warmed ...
Upon this night mare I Will list the solution that works for me ...
  1. Open Ur Control Panel
  2. Select "Administrative Tools"
  3. Select "Services"
  4. Right Click On the "Printer Spooler" service.
  5. stop this Service
  6. Go To "System32" Folder :: Usually C:/WINDOWS/system32/spool/PRINTERS
  7. Delete all files In this Folder
  8. Go back to "Step 4"
  9. Re-run the Service again ...
It is Done! Congratulations ....

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