Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Try Blogger Using Zemanta :) , It may deserve!

// Esalamo 3alikom ..

I was a long time ago since my last blog post, so I feel now the same feeling of my first post ...! The feeling of " Many Ideas that U have " and " few wards that U remember to say .. " !!

But now it differs a lot between the experience, courage , background knowledge that U gain with years and the study ,,,

I prefer in this post to list some topics that I intend to talk about _( Inshaa Allah)
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  1. Computer Science
  2. Islam , Islamic Topics
  3. Daily-Events in my life.

About what makes me love to blog again is " Testing :) ". I just try to make a " HelloWorld! " blog post Using Zemanta, to see what It may provide me based on its semantic content analysis that It is doing on what I type while writing the post. Begad tell now " elii hwa delwa2tii " it is wonderful tool for blogging and It is deserve to be used.
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Provide blog tags ( extraction and semantic suggestions ) , external Links to key words in your post , Images related to post topic, Related articles links .. more and more.

According to me I will Use it_ it seems to be for a long time :) and I will talk about the algorithms and technologies that Zemanta uses for doing this later isA.

I'd like if all my friends interact with comments and Ideas in the comment area and I do not administrate them to leave all saying what they feel.

Next Post will be_(inshaa Allah) about Difference about being Student and the professional life as Computer Engineer ...

( Aw3a 2eedak mn 3ala elRomot Control msh hate2dar te3'ayar El-Blog ) ....

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